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In order to support our employees in achieving good health, well-being, and personal effectiveness, we offer a comprehensive benefits package to full-time regular employees.

Group Health Insurance

The company offers a medical plan that includes prescription coverage through a self-insured plan. The company pays almost the entire cost of the employee’s coverage and heavily subsidizes the premiums for dependent coverage.

  • Highlights of the plan are as follows:
  • Wellness visits covered at 100% when using a network provider
  • Plan pays 80% of in-network covered costs after $500 individual deductible.
  • $10 for Generic Drugs
  • $30 for Preferred-Brand Drugs
  • $50 for Non-Preferred-Brand Drugs
  • Employees only pay 20% of the cost of Specialty Drugs
  • Mail-Order Program is available for Maintenance-Type Prescriptions

Group Dental Insurance

The company offers dental coverage through a self-insured plan.

  • Highlights of the plan are as follows:
  • Preventative coverage payable at 100%
  • Basic Coverage payable at 80%.
  • Major Services are covered at 50%

Vision Insurance

The company currently offers an optional vision plan to all eligible employees. Employees are subject to the same eligibility and effective date provisions as described in the Group Health Insurance section. 

Under the vision plan, employees are able to take advantage of copays and discounts on visits and other covered items.

Group Life Insurance

The company provides life insurance at no cost to the employee beginning at the $10,000 coverage level and increasing to a $25,000 coverage level for managers. This amount increases as you are promoted within the company. This coverage also provides AD&D insurance equal to the amounts noted above.

Optional Life Insurance

The company offers the opportunity for employees to purchase additional life insurance for themselves as well as for their dependents. This coverage also provides AD&D insurance equal to the optional life insurance amount elected when the employee purchases additional coverage for themselves or for their spouse.

Short-Tem/Long-Term Disability

The company offers short-term/long-term disability insurance and pays one-half of the premiums for this coverage.

Profit Sharing

An employee must be 18 yeras of age, have a year of service and worked 1,000 hours to become eligible for the Company Profit Sharing Plan and will enter the Plan on the earliest of January 1 or July 1 after meeting the eligibility requirements.

401(k) / Roth 401(k)

An employee must be 18 years of age, have a year of service and worked 1,000 hours to become eligible to enroll in the 401(k) / Roth 401(k) Plan. An account is maintained for each participant, and you may contribute from 1% to 75% of your eligible pay. The company will match bi-weekly the amount of your contribution dollar-for-dollar up to 3% of your eligible pay. The company will match 50% of the next 2% of your eligible pay.

Thrift Club

The Company Thrift Club was organized for the mutual benefit of all employees and other participants, for the purpose of encouraging thrift by means of systematic savings. Any employee of the company who has been employed continuously for six (6) months is eligible for membership. Other eligible persons are outside directors, and the spouse, child, or parent of an eligible employee. Interest will be posted to individual accounts semi-annually on June 30 and December 31. Please refer to the current Thrift Club Account Booklet for information on rates and eligibility. Your supervisor can provide information on enrollment.

Surprise Billing Protection

Download: Surprise Billing Protection